If you follow me on Kotaku, you're probably familiar with the fact that I tend to post the most videos out of our team. I used to run "Watch This, Play This" back when that was a thing (if you remember that), but nowadays I just linger under the Watch This tag for my video posts. Or I'll offload videos to other team members if I'm too busy editing, writing up something more meaty, making images, daydreaming about my cat or whatever the hell else it is I do.

I haven't found many interesting videos in my channels today, though a few were almost good enough to Kotaku-post. But since they weren't exactly perfect—maybe they sparked a small smile but not enough of a chuckle—I passed on them.

Since this is my personal blog, I thought I'd be open about it and share them for you here. For insight into inner Kotaku workings (or more my brain, really), random musings, or hey maybe you actually like these. They're not bad! I follow a lot of channels, but these are just the few I lingered on maybe-posting:

1. The League of Video Game Characters Nobody Ever Picks, ChickenFriedComedy

(Video up top)

I saw the YouTube video title—the headline for which literally just wrote itself—and got super excited. My first thought was that it was going to be a round-up of exactly what it says. But then it ended up being a joke, which could still work! But it just wasn't funny enough. Cute, had potential, but pass.


2. Trials Evolution Gold Rap, Dan Bull

I think Dan Bull is a talented rapper. We've featured him plenty of times before, and this particular rap is better than some of his more recent releases. But I think our readers are probably a little burnt out on these rap videos, especially of games that are probably considered super old by now. Plus, I prefer my "Watch This" videos to have compelling video content, not just music. Otherwise it'd be more Kirk's territory of "Listen To This," don't you think?


3. Terraria Trolls, CorridorDigital

CorridorDigital make some really impressive visual effects in their videos. I've posted their stuff on the site a bunch before. I loved the arm-spinny moment, but everything else seemed too thin on laughs.


4. Things to do in: Minecraft - Slice Of Hell, RoosterTeeth

Oh man. "Things To Do" is one of my favorite series from RoosterTeeth. They make me laugh to the point of my coworkers IMing me asking why the hell I won't stop giggling at my desk. But this one seemed too elaborate for other players to easily pull off—which, if players can actually do these things they suggest to do, is something I think is neat about this series—and it also felt more like a "you had to be there" kinda thing.


And those are the videos I spotted today that I considered posting but, in the end, decided not to. Whatcha think? Anything I should've gone for?