It's been a year since the release of Microsoft and Sony's newest consoles, so we revisited our reviews for them and finally determined that they're both worthwhile hardware for gamers. We put together a guide for choosing between them, too. » 11/21/14 6:01pm 11/21/14 6:01pm

Halo 5’s Multiplayer Is All About Movement

There's a new trend that seems to be affecting the world of shooters. It's not enough to simply have powerful guns, challenging levels and enemy formations, and a balanced space to play with others competitively. These days a shooter has to have movement, even a level of grace, to stay competitive. And Halo 5 seems to… » 11/11/14 10:00am 11/11/14 10:00am

We're in the middle of the busiest season at Kotaku with all of the big holiday releases hitting. For some the most notable release is the newest Call of Duty, which we reviewed. But we took the opportunity to remind readers of our review structure, something we're fairly proud of. We tend to also complement our… » 11/07/14 6:11pm 11/07/14 6:11pm